How do you see sexual ability from a man's appearance?

Core reminder: A man’s sexual abilities are related to women’s sexual well-being and the health of offspring. But a man’s sexual abilities have to be tried before we know it. Is there a way to see a man’s sexual abilities from the outside?

A man's sexual ability is related to a woman's sexual happiness, affects the relationship between husband and wife, and even the health of the offspring. How should we judge a man's sexual ability? How to see a man's sexual ability from his appearance?

1. Ear

There is a view in Chinese medicine that the kidney opens up to the ear. Those with tight ears have strong kidneys, and the ability to withstand the lumbar spine is stronger than that of ordinary people. Therefore, the size of the ears is naturally related to the kidney qi and sexual ability. Someone suggested that a man’s sexual abilities can be determined by his ears. If his ears are large, full, and shiny, then he can be concluded that he has sufficient kidney energy and strong abilities. In addition, you can touch male ears to verify their physical strength and sexual ability based on their elasticity and firmness.

2. Eye bags

Generally speaking, if the eye bags are tight and the complexion is moist, the expression ability is excellent. If it is a man with sagging eye bags, drooping eyes, and a filthy complexion, most of them are "externally strong and medium-doers".

3. Nose

There has been a long history of saying that a big nose shows strong sexual ability. As the saying goes, a man has a bigger nose and a bigger "crotch". This argument believes that the male nose looks more like a male genitalia in appearance, so it links the two. In Chinese physiognomy, the nose is also called "Saturn". The earth nourishes everything and is the representative of reproductive function. Therefore, a large nose naturally shows that the genitals are also "majestic" and have strong combat capabilities.

4. Front teeth

Chinese medicine believes that teeth belong to the kidneys, and when the front teeth are clean and bright, the body is also healthy and full of blood. On the contrary, men with weak blood and blood are of course poor.

5. Height

Some people mistakenly believe that tall people must have a longer penis and better sexual function. In fact, the size of the penis is related to height, but not absolute. A group of research reports showed that the average length of the vagina is 7.4cm and the circumference is 8.1cm for those who are less than 155cm tall; the length and circumference are 7.4cm and 8.3cm for those who are 156-159cm tall; and 7.5cm for those who are 170cm tall. And 8.7cm. From this it seems that the height of a person can affect the size of the penis, but the effect is not large, and the difference is not great.

6. Waist circumference

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health said that based on a study of a sample of 2,000 people, alcohol consumption, exercise habits, and body type are all related to male sexual insufficiency. Furthermore, people who are too fat (whose waist circumference is too thick), those who drink too much and don't drink at all, and those who live more statically and do not exercise are usually among the groups with poor sexual performance. These factors are very similar to heart disease factors. People who are prone to arteriosclerosis are usually overweight and have too much cholesterol in their bodies. The blood is full of obstacles (hypercholesterolemia) that prevent blood from returning to the heart. Similarly, these blood also reach Not the cavernous body of the penis.

7. Butt

Many women believe that men with strong buttocks have stronger fighting power and endurance. Strong buttocks are not only visual enjoyment, but also represent "practical combat ability" and can bring sexual happiness to women. On the contrary, boys with small buttocks without fleshy buttocks are a bit disadvantaged, because women may tend to think that they are slightly inferior in sustainability and explosiveness.


The kidney controls the bones to produce the marrow. Therefore, most people with strong bones have good sexual function; while those with weak bones and soft flesh, most of them have no better sexual function.

9. Finger

Those with thick little fingers have good human functions.

10. Hair

In real life, if a man is labeled as a "macho" by everyone, everyone will naturally think of him as a tall body, strong muscles, and strong hair. Conversely, men who go to the other extreme will be called "mothers." Indeed, men with more body hair and well-developed pectoral muscles will always have more masculinity, which is likely to cause women's physiological reactions.


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