What kind of exercise can lose weight? Belly dance, lean belly effect

Core tip: I have a big belly and a headache. I tried a lot of methods and still didn't solve it. What should I do? Have you tried dancing with a thin belly?

Many people may have never heard of dancing with a thin belly, but the effect is really good, especially belly dancing, the effect is even better.

Can belly dancing reduce your belly?

When belly dancing, twisting the waist and abdomen, shaking the hips and hips can tighten the abdominal muscles and burn a lot of excess fat in the body, which is one of the effective exercises for reducing the belly.

Is belly dancing good for reducing belly?

Belly dance lasts for 60 minutes and can consume about 270-330 calories. If you insist on it for about a month, you can see the effect of reducing the belly. It does have a better effect on reducing the belly and creating a small waist. The protruding abdomen becomes flat and elastic unknowingly, and the abdominal muscles will become stronger and stronger.

Tips: Belly dance mainly focuses on shaping, and partial fat loss must be persisted for a long time. Dance is more about cultivating temperament and improving body flexibility and coordination. If you simply want to lose weight quickly, it is recommended to add some other exercises.

Belly dance, jump out of the waist

Action one

1. Separate your feet, shoulder-width apart, with your knees naturally bent slightly, the palm of your left hand is forward, your right hand is stretched out and opened to the right, and the span is rounded semicircle from right back to front;

2. Straighten the bent knees, make circular motions with both hands to the left on the chest, and finally the right hand is in front, the palm is forward, and the left hand is stretched out on the left side; then the span is turned back in a semicircle from left back to front;

Repeat actions 1 and 2 4 times.

Action two

1. Bend your knees, akimbo your left hand, and bend your right elbow to make an OK gesture;

2. Perform circular movements on the chest to the left and right, being careful not to shrug, repeat 8 times.

Action three

1. Straighten your hands and open them naturally, palms down, keep your upper body natural, bend your legs, raise the heel of your right foot, point your toes on the ground, lift the cross to the upper right and lower it;

2. Lower the straddle, raise the right heel, raise the left heel, point your toes on the ground, and lift the straddle to the upper left;

Repeat 8 times left and right.

Action four

1. Left hand on hips, right hand OK gesture, slightly raise chest, left foot one step back, at the same time, raise the heel of right foot, lift the hip to the right and put it down

2. Take a step back with your right foot, and at the same time, raise the heel of your left foot, lift your hip to the left and then put it down; this way, when you move your foot, shake your hip and repeat 4 times.


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